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  • Playing with LS-DYNA

    In 2016 the computer magazine c't in cooperation with the ADAC crashed a LEGO® model of the Porsche GT3 RS. Consequently, some DYNAmore colleagues have asked themselves whether it is possible to do this virtually with LS-DYNA.

  • ANSYS acquires LSTC

    LSTC has announced the sale of the company to ANSYS.

  • Lego Crash





  • Forum 2013 – Presentations online

    The presentations of the LS-DYNA Forum, 24 - 25 September in Filderstadt (Stuttgart), Germany, are now available for download.

  • Presentations: Polymers

    The presentations of the info event "Dynamic Charakterization of Polymers (Thermoplasts, Foams, Composites), 24 September, are available for download.

  • Article in Lightweight-Design

    "The Simulation Chain for Fibre-Reinforced Materials: From the Manufacturing Simulation to Durability Approximation", published in "lightweight design", issue 5/2013.

  • Agenda released: Acoustics/NVH

    Agenda of the information day "Acoustic simulation and NVH analysis with FEM and BEM in LS-DYNA", 23 September, Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Advanced Modeling Techniques

    Seminar series "Advanced Modeling Techniques" in September 2013 – lecturers are program developers at LSTC.

  • Presentations: Processes/SDM

    The presentations of the info event "Process Automation and Simulation Data Management (SDM)", 2 June, are available for download.

  • GENESIS_and_LSDYNA.pdf

  • Presentation CAE Grand Challenge

    Download the presentation "Application of the Equivalent Static Load Method for Impact Problems with GENESIS and LS-DYNA" presented at the CAE Grand Challence 2013.

  • Research projects

    New research projects Swim-RTM, ENFASS, T-Pult und TWIP4EU

  • GENESIS / Design Studio 12.2

    GENESIS 12.2 and its companion Design Studio for GENESIS 12.2 have been released.