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Free Motion Head Form

Headform models are available either from LST LLC or from Humanetics. These models are distributed by DYNAmore.

Free Motion Headform

The companies LSTC and Humanetics develop models for the numerical calculation of HIC data. In the United States vehicles have to comply the safety regulations FMVSS 201 or 201u. In these regulations a Free Motion Head (FMH) Form is used to quantifying of a possible head injury due to impact. During the test different surfaces inside of vehicle interior are shoot by the head form. It consists of aluminum skull covered by a rubber like material. A short outline is given below.

LSTC - Free Motion Headform



Item# Number

Humanetics - Free Motion Headform



Current release: v4.2.1

Ejection Mitigation Headform

In the FMVSS216 regulation a Ejection Mitigation Headform (EMH) is used to include ejections from rollover front, and rear impacts. The 18 kg featureless headform consists of a vinyl skin mounted onto an aluminum skull with a steel back plate. The skull accommodates an accelerometer mount and the back plate is designed to attach to the user's impactor. The finite element model is developed by Humanetics. The table below provides some general information about the release v1.1 of the EMH model.