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Side Impact Dummy Models

The finite element models of the FAT are developed in conjunction with the German Association for Automotive Research (FAT) by DYNAmore. In the FAT the German automotive industry joins parts of their research activities. The models are permanently improved and highly validated in accordance to the physical dummies. The model of the SID-IIs has been developed by Humanetics. Humanetics is the largest manufacturer of dummies and also developing finite element models.

PDB WorldSID-50


DYNAmore has developed a model of the WorldSID 50%. The model is validated with material, component and sled tests. The model was developed with a consortium of the German OEMs (PDB: Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and VW). The methods applied are the same as in the previous projects with the FAT for the ES-2, ES-2re, USSID, and BIORID model. The current release of the WorldSID 50th percentile male model is v7.1, it was released in July 2020.

Dummy Model Licensing - FAQ

Download Manual PDB WSID-50 v7.1

Link to Dummy Website

FAT ES-2 und ES-2re Dummy-Modell


The ES-2 and ES-2re dummy is used in side-impact-assessments of the automotive industry for many years. Among others the dummy is currently utilized in the legal authorization in Europe (UN R95), Japan (Art. 18) and the USA (FMVSS 214). Additionally the dummy is used in consumer-protection-tests in America (f.e. U.S. NCAP) and Asia (f.e. ASEAN NCAP). Initially the dummy was developed within the FAT (consortium of the german automotive industry). The most recent version is v8.0.2, it was released in February 2020.

Dummy Model Licensing - FAQ

Download Manual ES-2/re v8.0.2

Link to Dummy Website

Humanetics SID-IIs Model


The current release of the SID-IIs SBL-D is version 4.3.3. The dummy represents a small female body and is used in legal authorization and consumer-protection. Examples are FMVSS 214, IIHS and U.S. NCAP.

FAT EuroSID Model


The ES-1 dummy is the previous model of the ES-2 and ES-2re. In some extend the ES-1 is used for legal authorization in India (AIS-099) and South Korea (KMVSS 102).



The latest model of the FAT US-SID is version v5.0. The modified version, the SIDHIII v5.1 is used in lateral impact to a pole. For both dummies a detailed model is available.

Download Manual on the US-SID v5.0

Additional Information on the Side Impact Dummy Models