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FAT BioRID 2 Dummy Model

The BioRID 2 model is developed recently using the latest features of LS-DYNA. It is used to investigate seat performance under rear impact loads. Insurance institutes and consumer organizations propose different tests to predict whiplash injuries occurring in rear impact. All tests use the BioRID 2 dummy.

The model is developed by DYNAmore with a consortium of members of the FAT (German Association for Automotive Research). The group is leaded by VW. Experienced engineers from Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel, Porsche, Karmann, Hammerstein, JohnsonControls, and Keiper contribute by proposing tests, discussing results and defining QA procedures. The model is a detailed finite element model. Pre-stress due to positioning and assembly is included in the model. The BioRID 2 model can be licensed commercially. An actual release v3.8 is available. Additional Information on the Rear Impact Dummy Model:

Download Manual on the BioRID2 V3.9

Development of BioRID2 Dummy Model in Cooperation with German Automotive Industry

Link to Dummy Website


BioRID 2 model


Spine model


Thorax, neck and head


Neck model