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Human Body Models and Injury Prediction

In this seminar we will cover the basic topics of injury biomechanics needed to use HBM:s for injury prediction. We will discuss state-of-the art full-body HBMs (such as PIPER, THUMS, SAFER-HBM, GHBMC, and VIVA) and you get a more in-depth understanding of their pros and cons for different applications.

14th European LS-DYNA Conference

We cordially invite all LS-DYNA users to the 14th European LS-DYNA Conference. The conference will take place on October 18 and 19, 2023 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Information Day Human Body Modeling

Join DYNAmore GmbH in their upcoming seminar on Human Body Modeling, May3, onsite in Stuttgart or via YouTube. See link for further information and registration.

The Holiday Season

Please be informed that we are available all through the Holiday Season, but that response times may be a little bit longer than usual.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Links to presentations

Agenda from the Nordic LS-DYNA Users’ Conference, October 18-19, 2022, with links to a selection of presentations

Thank you

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who took part in making the LS-DYNA User's Conference 2022 a success!

Information Day: Introduction to Human Body Models

On October 27 this one-day course will provide an overview of state-of-the art full-body HBMs (such as PIPER, THUMS, SAFER-HBM, GHBMC, and VIVA) developed for LS-DYNA and present a brief history of the field.

Keynote Speaker at LS-DYNA Users' Conference, Jean-Daniel Belay, ANSYS

October 18-19 we are hosting the LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 at Svenska Mässan. Speakers from between 30-40 prominent Nordic companies will give presentations on how they work with simulations, and five persons from reknown companies have kindly agreed to give keynote speeches.

Keynote Speaker at LS-DYNA Users' Conference, Gert Petersen, LEGO

October 18-19 we are hosting the LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 at Svenska Mässan. Speakers from between 30-40 prominent Nordic companies will give presentations on how they work with simulations, and five persons from reknown companies have kindly agreed to give keynote speeches.

Preliminary Program

We are proud to present the Preliminary Program for our LS-DYNA Users' Conference 2022. It is a diversified program, containing prominent speakers and well-known companies. We wish you all welcome to a couple of exciting days in Gothenburg.

Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA

We have the please of welcoming our German colleague Max Hübner to Gothenburg for a seminar in "Joining Techniques, September 13-14.

Introduction to Passive Safety in LS-DYNA

The Passive Safety seminar will provide an overview of state-of-the-art airbag models and describes the fundamentals regarding the composition of an LS-DYNA occupant safety simulation, including the positioning of the dummy model and belt routing with PRIMER, the definition of recommended contacts between the safety systems and the principle set up of airbag models.

CPM Airbag Modelling

The one day course presents the fundamentals to build up a model for the simulation of airbags in LS-DYNA. Starting with the less complex uniform pressure (UP) approach, theoretical background and implementation of the newer corpuscular method (CPM) is introduced. The method is based on a particle approach and has become state-of-the-art for all airbag applications due to its accuracy and numerical robustness and efficiency


No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! – November! Part of poem called “November” by Thomas Hood


A fully updated training schedule for autumn 2022 is now available

User Defined Materials in LS-DYNA - ONLINE Training

The user defined material model interface allows a possibility for the user to implement own material models and link it to a version of LS-DYNA. This requires some knowledge of Fortran 77 as well as numerical schemes for updating e.g., stresses and material histories. The course addresses industry as well as academics and serves as a basis for users that want to get started in user defined material modelling in LS-DYNA.

Material Models in LS-DYNA

In this seminar, June 14-15, we will give you the theoretical background of several material models in LS-DYNA and point out their differences. The seminar includes several computer exercises.

Training Courses August-December 2022

During the summer holiday season we take a short break with training courses, but we are already in the process of finalizing our training schedule for the autumn, so keep an eye out for updates on our website. In the meantime, remember to check out our Video Library! You can find a lot of useful information here.

LS-DYNA – Change in Nomenclature

Work is in progress by Ansys to remove all references to the words Master and Slave from the LS-DYNA manuals and software and other software such as LS-PrePost. These changes should not affect the input decks, only the manual and terminology in the user interface.


Creating a customized user interface is an excellent way to aid the user in the pre-processing stage in ANSA. BETA's Window Designer is a fast and simple tool to create user-defined GUIs. Discover how to create your own GUI in ANSA and more at our free Video Library.

16th German LS-DYNA Forum 2022

The 16th German LS-DYNA Forum will take place from October 11-13, 2022 in Bamberg and online. With around 100 technical presentations, keynotes from renowned speakers and an accompanying hardware and software exhibition, the forum is the main event dedicated to LS-DYNA in Central Europe.


DYNAmore Nordic sends our best wishes to Ph.D. candidate Håkan Andersson from Epiroc/Linköping University, who will defend his Ph.D. thesis work on March 25th. The title of his thesis is "A Co-Simulation Tool Applied to Hydraulic Percussion Units". Great job Håkan!

Crash Analysis Course May 17-20 in Gothenburg

We once again have the pleasure of welcoming Paul Du Bois and Suri Bala for Crash Analysis Course in Gothenburg. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Register by using this direct link.

Nordic LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022

The Nordic LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 will be held 18-19 October 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is with great pleasure we invite You to the Nordic LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022.

Visit our Video Library

With the launch of DYNAmore Nordic's Video Library, we have made it even easier for our users to tap into the knowledge and expertise that DYNAmore Nordic has about LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-PrePost, ANSA & META, and the many other software that we provide.  Check it out yourself!


Plastics material modelling is a challenge in simulation. Take advantage of LS-DYNA’s new and enhanced material modes dedicated to thermoplastics and reinforced plastics to take your modelling of plastics to the next level. Reach out to us to learn more; we at DYNAmore are always happy to help our customers achieve realistic and predictive simulation!

DYNAmore Tools 2022 (Note: Change of free license)

The DYNAmore Tools are being restructured. Part of the restructuring is the transfer to a rental model with extended technical support, name adjustment as well as a grouping according to application areas.

DYNAmore supports BMW with LS-DYNA

The BMW Group will carry out crash and occupant simulations with LS-DYNA and use the software in the development of passive safety systems

LEGO© Challenge

With this project the engineers from SCALE and DYNAmore really put their foot down.

LS-DYNA and more

Online training

DYNAmore's online training offer includes webinars and video seminars. The webinars convey current topics or compact seminar contents, the video seminars are recordings of the attendance seminars.

Test License

Request a 30-day license of LS-DYNA, ANSA, MOLDEX3D or any other product with unlimited model sizes and full support. more

Papers online

The papers of the 16th International LS-DYNA Conference are now available online.